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Terry Jones taught History to adult students taking Foundation courses at a College of Higher Education prior to their entry into full-time degree courses at Warwick and Coventry Universities. Since taking early retirement, he has travelled widely in Eastern Europe, pursuing a life-long interest in 19th and early 20th century European history. He has been a GCSE and “A” level tutor with OOL since 1996.

Grayson Perry: “The most popular Art exhibition ever!”

Perry suggests that our common humanity overrides our social and cultural divisions. 


Writing a good A-Level History Exam Essay

Be clear that a rote regurgitation of the facts alone will gain you few marks.

chapter 1...

Favourite Stories: Greenmantle

Greenmantle, set in the Europe of the first world war, began for me a life-long passion for European and Russian history.

A newspaper article on Glass' Bear attack

The man behind the Revenant

The story on which the film is based was first recorded in 1824 by a Philadelphia lawyer and was soon retold in the newspapers and journals of the American frontier, and by word of mouth around the campfires of the South Dakota wilderness.

The Rise of Home Education

Since 2011, there has been a 65% increase in the number of children officially registered as home educated.

The Armada

English naval gunnery was 5 times faster than the Spanish sailor’s rate of fire.

Night of the Long Knives

With this murderous action, Hitler consolidated his power within the Nazi hierarchy and throughout the German state.

The Battle of Waterloo

Even before it had begun, Napoleon’s marshals were pessimistic as to the outcome of the battle.

The Dick Kerr Ladies Football Team

On Boxing Day, 1920, they drew a crowd of 53,000 to a match against St Helens Ladies.

Mary Wollstonecraft: Britain’s First Feminist

Mary argued that women were not naturally inferior to men but only appeared to be because they lacked equal educational opportunity, and that they should be treated as rational beings.

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