Articles by Terry Jones

Terry Jones taught History to adult students taking Foundation courses at a College of Higher Education prior to their entry into full-time degree courses at Warwick and Coventry Universities. Since taking early retirement, he has travelled widely in Eastern Europe, pursuing a life-long interest in 19th and early 20th century European history. He has been a GCSE and "A" level tutor with OOL since 1996.


Can class size ever be countered anymore?

The government dismisses the argument that class size has any negative effects on quality of teaching or educational outcomes, however, thus also dismissing the day-to-day experience of teachers themselves.

The Death of John Keats

On a bitter night in 1818, John Keats, the last of England’s great Romantic poets, travelled from central London to his home on Hampstead Heath. He staggered into bed, coughing blood. Pulmonary consumption, better known as Tuberculosis, has been a scourge of human populations throughout history, as a bacterial disease that attacks the poor, the […]

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