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    Apps, Self Development and Solutions

    The tagline ‘there’s an app for it’ was more than a blinkered jest. If you have a need regarding self development or self fulfilment, there is a strong chance an app has been created to facilitate it. The types of technological interface smoothing the way for self development in intellectual, emotional, and physical learning is constantly improving, giving people better experiences and more accurately finding ways to manage their issues. Apps have come a long way and developed far beyond simple games. They are now creating solutions to modern life.

    ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’

    Zoom (a multi-person conferencing website with associated app) reported an increase from 10 million to 300 million meeting participants between December 2019 and April 2020. Whilst much of this was to facilitate inter-collegiate work, and company structures and flow, millions of people are now using it to take part in group chats during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The astronomic increase in uptake and participation included birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, exercise regimes, and staff meetings on-line, as well as weekly social gatherings and club meetings. The application of this technology was both global and creative, utilising technology for all spheres of life possible during various countries’ ‘lockdown’ phases. Necessity will truly push the inventive application of all our resources.

    The use of fitness apps, whilst on lockdown, has enabled people to compete against themselves, their personal bests, and pit their scores against others they have never met. An app has the capacity to assess your ability from the individual’s scores and create incremental changes through algorithms, ensuring that all types of learning are paced optimally. Whether you are learning a language, running a marathon, or developing a six-pack, the application of this technology, to not only problem-solve but to empower and support people in their development, appears infinite.

    Find and Fulfil the Need and They Will Come

    Studying in the fields of science and technology means you can hone your skills to the level of being able to create or fulfil social need via app as a project or in your spare time. The production of good UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) for websites and apps has become more apparent in the past 10 years. Ensuring that the technology does not detract from the ultimate aims of providing a service, via great information or desirable ideas and imagery for financial gain and social betterment, is key.

    Many entrepreneurs start off with the creation of apps due to their relative ease of construction, and the lack of multiple strands of technology or equipment needed. To create an app, with the wealth of knowledge available on the internet, is completely possible to do alone.

    It can, however, be argued that creating an app as part of a course, with the availability of a solid knowledge base and a troubleshooter in the form of a tutor, is potentially more useful and rewarding. In fact, it is the perfect project for a new computer science student. Whichever way you choose to do it, though, constructing an app is eminently feasible and fun.

    Apps Can Take You Forward

    In short, with our continued use of mobile technology, the need for opportunities of self development, available at all times to fit in with our busy lives, has never been greater. Following a science and technology skills and learning path is only going to improve your marketability and capacity in the working world.

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