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    Book Recommendation For May

    Computer Coding Games for Kids: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide, From Binary Code To Building Games By Carol Vorderman

    Coding is the future. It has been for about ten years. As more time passes, our technology gets more reliant on algorithms, artificial intelligence, and other computer programs. Understanding them is your key to understanding the future, and giving yourself a big edge in anything you do in the future. But how?

    Put simply: coding. It is at the heart of every AI and computer program in existence. Algorithms are just sets of rules that a program will use to solve problems or calculations. Coding is writing those programs and assigning those rules. If you can understand how to do that, you’ll be able to get to grips with the technology that will rule the future. Fortunately, Carol Vorderman can help with that. You’ll likely not have a clue who she is, but your adults might. She’s really good at maths, and used to run the numbers on an old TV show with a massive clock called Countdown. Again, ask your adults—especially if you want to make them feel old.

    How can she help? With her book, of course! Computer Coding Games for Kids: A unique step-by-step visual guide, is a great introduction to the world of coding, from binary code to building your own games. Don’t worry if there are words in there that you don’t understand, by the end of the book you will.

    Follow the simple steps to become an expert coder, using the latest version of the popular programming language Scratch™ 3.0 in this new edition. If you’ve not used Scratch before, you can do so for free here!

    Improve your coding skills and create your own games. Then you can play about with them, change things up and experiment to see how crazy you can make them. It has a few of its own games to get you started and learn the ropes: like Jumpy Monkey, which will show you how to simulate gravity in your games. There’s also Dog’s Dinner, which is a great game to learn about collision detection.

    Pick up the fundamentals of computer programming in steps that make even the most difficult coding concepts fun and easy to understand. You won’t just learn about the ins and outs of computer code and how it works, you’ll learn about why as well. And that is the most valuable part of it.

    The book’s structured approach is great, providing a progressive and scaffolded way to learn the basics and explore the concepts of coding, while also giving you the chance to try things out for yourself. It’s written in a way that even reluctant readers can access, and the tasks at hand are simple enough to complete with little adult supervision. You can always use adults to test out your creations!

    It’s a great and accessible way for young people to get their first experience of coding, and should you get a taste for it, there are plenty more titles to take a look at, focusing on different kinds of games, projects, and—when you’re ready for it—even types of coding like Python.


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