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    Capture the sunset

    Capture The Sunset Week

    There is always a good reason to celebrate something. This might be a special day, or, in this case, a week. The third full week of July is known as Capture the Sunset week – and who doesn’t love a good sunset?

    You can probably recall lots of times you have seen an amazing sky as the sun is setting. Maybe it was pink, or orange; sometimes it may be more of a fiery red, or a moody purple. Our weather conditions largely dictate what sunset looks like, bu they are are clearest most often in the summer, when the sun is at its highest and we (hopefully!) get long summer days. July is a perfect summer month to celebrate them, and if you take some time to appreciate that magic hour when the sun goes down, you might be surprised at what you see. But how can you go about enjoying it more? Let me tell you!

    Be Snap-happy With Your Camera

    Enjoy the wonders of nature with your camera – then you can make other people jealous based on what you saw.

    Share, Share, Share!

    Social media is a great way of sharing your experiences with others – particularly with friends or family who can’t get out and about, or those that live far away and will have different experiences to you (they might, for example, live in the opposite hemisphere to you and not have access to the same stunning sunsets right now!) So, share your pictures on social media platforms and show others how wonderful nature is.

    Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

    If you can, try and get out to different places to watch the sunset. Being at the coast is lovely – you often get a perfect reflection on the water. But you could climb your local hill, or even watch it from you house, depending on where you live, of course.

    Capturing the sunset doesn’t need to be just in July, of course – you can do this at any time, in any month of the year. It might be fun to set yourself a sunset-spotting target. You could see which month produces the best sunsets, as we move from summer through to autumn and then winter.

    Capture The Sunset Week Starts Soon!

    You won’t have to wait long – Capture the Sunset week begins on Monday, and hopefully you’ll make some amazing memories, see some amazing things and take some amazing photos!

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