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    Can you correctly answer these primary school homework questions?

    Homework is a necessary part of education, as it helps children to continue learning outside of the classroom.

    However, without the presence of a teacher, it’s up to parents to provide support if a child is struggling with an answer, and our research shows that many aren’t comfortable with this responsibility.

    Only a third of UK parents say they feel confident helping with homework, while just 6% correctly answered all twelve of the primary school questions in our test.

    Think you can do better? Take our homework quiz below to find out!

    It was written by a Year 3 teacher using English, maths and science questions she would typically ask her class. See if your knowledge is up to scratch, or if you need to go back to school.

    How did you do? Share your score and thoughts on children’s homework by tweeting us @OxfordHomeSch

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