Jamie’s School Dinners: What’s on Children’s Plates 15 Years Later?

Who’d have thought that it’s almost 15 years since Jamie Oliver first waged war against fried food, sugary drinks and the infamous Turkey Twizzlers of the school dining hall? At the time, the 2005 government listened to Oliver’s crusade: they gave funding, the Children’s Food Trust was established, soft drinks were taken off the menu, […]


Brainstorming For Brilliant Ideas

Alex Osborn, the father of the brainstorming method, believed that group brainstorming could lead to a 50% increase in creativity.

exam revision tips

Scientifically Proven Revision Tips

There is plenty of research out there to show that listening to music can improve your ability to focus and concentrate.


The Witchcraft of Shakespeare’s Time, and Why Macbeth Really Didn’t Help

With the royal criminalisation of witchcraft in 1604 (and before its 1736 retraction), hundreds of thousands of people in Europe were tortured, hung, and drowned.

Unreliable Narrator

What do we mean by an Unreliable Narrator?

In fiction, an unreliable narrator is someone the author wants to be untrustworthy because that fact is going to propel their plot forward.


The Future of Storytelling: AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are increasingly being harnessed as creative tools, reshaping the scope of storytelling and the reader’s experience.

The Pareto Priciple

The Pareto Principle

The core message is that the majority of results come from a relatively small portion of time and effort.


Bees, Climate and Us

The British Beekeepers Association recently announced a significant drop in the average hive’s yearly yield of bees. Numbers have been dropping within British hives for decades.


Twitter Accounts to Learn From

Looking for a daily fix of learning, from History to Psychology? These are my top 5 must-follow Twitter accounts…

Insights at 17

Insights I Would Give Myself At 17

Be courageous and voice your ideas, listen to other people’s insights and avoid making important decisions in a hurry…

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