Writing a Killer Personal Statement for University

Think along the lines of what might make the university decide to offer you an interview. Ask yourself, why should they want to meet me?

State or Academy Schools: Pros and Cons

The academisation of schools has been one of the most contentious issues in British education ever since the policy’s inception in 2000.

Enid Blyton

The Enduring Appeal of Enid Blyton

In 2017, Blyton’s titles were still selling at the rate of one per minute in the UK alone. It is a figure that remains unchanged today.


Advice on Running a Business

When you run your own business, you learn to embrace change.

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia: Soldier, Scholar, Diplomat

His respect and understanding of the Arabic population led to a life as diplomat, soldier and writer, campaigning against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. His life and work earned him the nickname Lawrence of Arabia.

School Week

Could We Have a Shorter School Week?

Shorter school weeks are already here in some schools and have been considered very recently in others, though not to improve mental health or workplace pressure. Currently, a lack of funding is more likely to be the reason.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller Quotes to Inspire Everyone

The year is 1904. Having learned to “hear” people’s speech by reading their lips with her hand and distinguish people by the vibration of their footsteps, a pioneering young woman from Alabama in the USA is the first-ever deaf and blind person to earn a college degree, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. Her name […]


How to Cope When Repeating School Years

In the end, everyone learns at their own pace, and that is something that should never be discouraged.


Resilience and Learning Perspectives

We all have a natural source of healthy self-confidence. Our task to dig deep, to tap into and to reconnect with it.

Climate Change

Climate Change: Is it too late?

The time to act is not in ten years or even in two. It’s now.

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