Mastering Mindfulness: The Eye of the Storm

Mindfulness is a simple yet effective approach to help us deal with stress, anxiety and other related issues.

Astronomer Royal

The First Astronomer Royal

John Flamsteed began his working life as the Astronomer Royal in the Tower of London, where it’s said that the ravens made his life very difficult by nesting on his telescopes…


Reasons to Study History at University

Not only does studying the past increase your understanding of the world around you, it also fosters a huge number of transferable skills, which are much sought after by employers from a whole host of sectors.


Why Good Numeracy Counts

Poor numeracy also comes at a price. It is estimated that it costs the UK economy an eye-watering £20 billion each year.


The First Woman to be Oxford Professor of Poetry

Responsibilities include giving a public lecture each term, an oration at the Oxford University’s honorary degree ceremony, and representing the contemporary poetry world more widely.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Death of Shelley

His time at Oxford was cut short, as he was expelled for supporting atheism.


How to Reduce Study-Related Stress

Here are some ways to relax, designed to specifically alleviate study-related stress…

National Writing Day 2019

National Writing Day 2019

From poetry to play-writing, storytelling to songwriting, the aim behind the programme is to celebrate all forms of writing.


What Is a Microclimate?

On a very small scale, it is possible to create our own microclimate.


Closing the Creativity Gap

Creativity is more in demand than ever before in the workplace.

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