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    There’s More To Your Christmas Stocking Than Chocolate And Oranges

    We’re in the festive season. Christmas music is played on the radio at every opportunity. Shop windows are full of sparkling lights. You might even be scared that dear Aunt Maud will never forgive you if she doesn’t receive her annual bottle of sherry, finished off with a big shiny bow. But don’t worry – this blog will give you some helpful tips on how to make the most out of the festivities and support your learning at the same time.

    If you’re worried about forgetting those important English terms, make up your own Christmas stocking and fill it to the brim. You can write terms and definitions on bits of paper and test yourself – or perhaps Aunt Maud will help you, to say thanks for that sherry! You never know – this might help you remember the difference between metaphor and simile, or assist you with understanding alliteration and sibilance.

    In the run-up to Christmas, perhaps you will find yourself with extra time on your hands. How about you make up a pass-the-parcel – with each layer revealing a term or a definition? At the end, you have the fun task of matching them up. If you have a sibling at home who wants to help, take advantage of this – it will make a fun activity a lot more fun (honest!).

    You might be a card-game fiend. Yes? If so, you could make up a top trumps-style game – and if you love Christmas, make it seasonal. You can do this for any subject. Perhaps you need help with the Periodic Table for chemistry; or you are struggling with remembering the difference between cumulonimbus and stratus clouds, in geography. The beauty of this sort of game is that you can apply it to any subject – and play it at any time.

    So, if Aunt Maud falls asleep on your shoulder for the fifteenth Christmas in a row, you have no end of excuses to escape. And she’ll think you’re the best child for working hard at Christmas. Win, win!

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