The Government has announced that examinations will go ahead as usual in summer 2022. It has also announced measures to make it as fair as possible for all students to achieve their potential this year given that students education has been impacted by the pandemic for the last two years

There are essentially 3 types of assistance,

  • Exam Adaptations – The syllabus has been fundamentally changed to reduce the amount of study that a student has to do.
  • Pre-release materials – Where there have not been Exam Adaptations, pre-release material will give the student some idea of which topics will be covered a which exams. This is to aid students with their revision.
  • Grade Boundaries – Due to the pandemic there were 2 years, 2020 and 2021, where Tutor Assessed Grades (TAGs) were used, This led to a degree of grade inflation. Rather than set the grade boundaries back to 2019, The DfE and the exam boards have decided to set the grade boundaries at a midpoint between 2109 and 2021.

Exam Adaptations

Some subjects have a reduced or altered specification this year. Where a subject has changed, links to the summary of changes can be found below.

Pre-release Material

Pearson has released a short video that introduces students to exam adaptations and pre-release material.  We have hosted this on this page but it can also be viewed on Pearson’s website and on Youtube.








AQA and Edexcel have now released the pre-release material and it can be found on their respective websites. AQA , Edexcel.

Over the coming days, our tutors and editorial team will be looking at the pre-release material to provide more tailored advice for our students.

Prerelease / Advanced Information by Subject



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