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Where have our students taken their examinations?

Oxford Home Schooling Students have taken IGCSE examinations all over the UK, Europe and indeed the world. The static maps below show these locations for the last three years. It also shows our preferred centres, in blue, where our students are assured of a place to sit.

The great news for our students is that we have compiled all of this information into an interactive examinations map.  As part of our examinations service you will be provided with a password and link to the exam map.

Static Examinations Map UK Static Examinations Map Europe Static Examinations Map World

FAQs about Finding Examinations

Our students have taken exams at just over a 1000 centres.  The majority of these are in the UK.  The interactive examination map has 700.  This is because some places will only take students who have a prior connection to the school, we try not to list these centres on the map.

By no means.  Many of our students find new examination centres just by contacting their local school or tutorial college.  This is the main way we learn about new examination centres and we encourage everyone to try it.

To view the map click here