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    Revision Podcasts for GCSE Exams

    The Advantages of Revision Podcasts

    Do you use any revision podcasts? If you don’t, now is the perfect time to incorporate some into your studies. Research shows that podcasts aid deep learning: they reinforce existing knowledge while also helping you to make links between different topics in a single subject. This is exactly the kind of support you need when exams are just around the corner. What’s more, podcasts are portable, meaning that you can listen to one whenever you want and wherever you are.

    If you want to test out the effectiveness of podcasts for yourself, here are some suggestions:

    English: GCSE English Revision Pod

    Each week, Mr. Forster and Mr. Gallie take listeners through a different theme or topic for English Language and English Literature. Each podcast comes with a downloadable handout, so you don’t need to worry about making notes as you listen along.
    Win’s Literary Corner is also well worth a listen, especially if you struggle with the more technical aspects of English, like form and tone.

    Maths: GCSE Maths

    This podcast from Seneca Learning is popular with students who need some extra help going over key topics for their Maths papers. Every possible topic is covered: from vectors and percentages, to probability and geometry

    Science: Science at Schools

    In this 26-episode series, your host will take you through Chemistry, Biology and Physics, both the content and the possible question stems. There are notes to accompany each podcast, too.

    History: Mr. Allsop History

    Mr. Allsop isn’t just a YouTube star; he’s a podcaster, too. He’s covered every historical topic you could ever want to revise and provides an accompanying Power Point for you to download.

    Geography: Mr. Hunt’s Geography Podcast

    Although these podcasts were originally designed for Mr. Hunt’s own students, they have become a hit with those all over the country. Podcasts vary in length, with each one lasting no more than six minutes, which makes them ideal when you haven’t got a lot of time on your hands.

    Business: GCSE Business Podcast

    Another one from Seneca Learning, this podcast has 58 episodes in total, so you can guarantee that whatever topic you need, help with will be available. Again, these podcasts come in at around six minutes each, so you don’t need to set aside much time to listen.

    One final tip: download a couple episodes of each podcast to your device, so that no matter where you are, you can access your revision and get into the habit of listening!

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