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    Study Apps for A level and GCSE Students: 5 that are Free on Android and iOS

    When you are an A-Level or GCSE student, studying is a big part your life. Studying can be boring, but if you use some of the these cutting edge, free, study apps, you can remove some of the monotony and even improve your studying effectiveness. We know money can be a limiting factor when studying, so below we have listed free study apps only.

    1. Gojimo

    Doing practice questions is one of the best ways to revise for your exams, so why not try Gojimo, an app containing over 40,000 practice question for GCSE and A-Level. It has questions from every major exams boards, across multiple subjects, making it a great preparation tool.

    2. The MindMeister Study App

    Mindmap diagrams are an excellent revision tool for A-levels. They help to condense and visualise complex information, clarify thoughts and improve understanding and recall. Mindmeister is a free app that enables you to create mind-maps quickly and easily.

    2. Evernote

    This is a great, free, note-taking app which you can use to record your lecture notes, and it can also be synced across multiple devices for convenience. You can also take photos of your written notes and upload them to Evernote. You can search through your notes, whether typed or scanned in.

    4. Exam Countdown Lite

    By the time you get to 6th form you can’t rely on teachers to remind you when exams are happening. You need to remember it for yourself. A great app for this is Exam Countdown Lite which includes an informative countdown feature letting you know how much time is left to your exams.

    5. StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

    This is a neat little study app that allows you to use electronic flashcards as study aids. You can create your own aids or draw from StudyBlue’s library of over 500 million user-generated cards.


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