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    The Best Films to Get You Studying

    Films can inspire and make us think. Therefore it should be no surprise that there are a few that could help the struggling student. We all hit motivational brick walls at some point, when we just can’t be bothered to think about what we have to do, let alone pick up a pen, or even to switch on the laptop. But surely you can motivate yourself to watch a motivational movie…

    Here’s 4 films known to have that magical motivational X-Factor, guaranteed to get you moon-walking back into the classroom.

    1. Dead Poet’s Society

    This film is about an unconventional teacher who, controversially, goes against the school’s more orthodox teaching practices to fire up the students and make them fall in love with poetry and literature. The film has a more artistic leaning, so may better suit English/Arts students.


    2. The History Boys

    Think you aren’t good enough for Oxford or Cambridge University? If you doubt your ability to be part of the educational elite, try watching The History Boys. It’s a highly inspirational film about a bunch of smart, ragtag A-Level students who aspire to, toil and eventually reach the heights of Oxford University. Although set in a grammar school, the theme extends down well to a more modern, state school context.


    3. The Pursuit of Happiness

    If economic hardship or social struggle have blighted your past, then this uplifting rags to riches story of a young single father, working his way through a tough apprenticeship to get his dream job, will truly inspire you. It’s a proper tear-jerker, and you’ll be so inspired by his story that by the end of the film you’ll feel like you can achieve anything if you try hard enough.


    4. Legally Blonde

    If you ever felt out of your depth when studying, this film is for you. In it, Elle Wood studies hard and overcomes her feelings of inferiority to get into Harvard, an elite US college.


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