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    6 Reasons Distance Learning Could be For You

    Perhaps you’re between jobs, out of work, or simply in need of some mental stimulation. Maybe your job no longer brings you the joy it once did, or perhaps you’d love to turn a long-held hobby or passion into a career. Well, the good news is, whatever your age and life or career aspirations, now is a great time to put some time aside to revisit those new year’s resolutions to change things. Now you can put your learning goals into action through distance learning.

    Whatever the reason you’re considering studying, the good news is that there are plenty of distance learning study options available. Here are 6 reasons why studying from home is good for you:

    Distance learning is flexible

    Choosing to advance your education this way is a great option for many people, offering great flexibility. Got a young family that depend on you being there right now? A demanding full-time job which keeps you busy 9-5 on weekdays? No problem. Distance learning gives you the flexibility to fit studies around your responsibilities and your family’s needs. In your time.

    It expands your horizons

    Whatever you’re looking to study, there’s a great selection of courses to choose from. That failed Maths GCSE which still niggles at you? Why not retake it? Always fancied studying ‘A’ Level Law? There’s a distance learning course perfect for you.

    Saving money

    During this stay at home period, even if you’re self-isolating, studying online gives you the chance to work among all the comforts of your own home. Your bank account will thank you too, as there are no commuting costs. Just practice a little self-restraint and stop yourself from raiding the fridge!

    Distance learning fits around your schedule

    One of the biggest bonuses of choosing distance study is that you can fit it around your other plans – that once a day socially distanced walk, impromptu online shop for food supplies, or family video conference. These are the things a more traditional, fixed study schedule would rarely afford.

    You can go at your own pace

    Only have a couple of hours per week to spare? No trouble. Distance study is ideal for people with busy schedules. With careful scheduling you can take studies in your stride at your own pace, and you’ll achieve a great deal. A bonus is that you won’t feel the pressure of competing with those super-quick students.

    It takes away peer pressure

    Distance learning is also ideal for those who get easily overwhelmed by lots of group work and peer-to-peer interaction. It allows a more independent study style. It is also perfect for self-sufficient and motivated types.

    Distance learning provides excellent flexibility no matter what your lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself right now. If you recognise that these benefits would fit perfectly for you, studying at home could be just your thing. Take a look on our website for some inspiration.

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