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    Pandemic-Proof Careers

    Work-wise there have been many losers during the pandemic. A lot of people have lost jobs, though others have successfully adapted to new roles within their respective industries. There have been some who have actively benefited from the current situation, in fact. With some of you actively planning your careers, now might be the time to consider such a pandemic-proof occupation. No job is future-proof, of course, but research from Totaljobs has revealed that there are a certain 6 industries to have kept employing people throughout lockdown. They are these;

    1.Software Development and Tech.
    2.Social Care

    It’s no surprise to see I.T. in the list. Demand for cloud services, connectivity and e-commerce have all surged during the lockdown and all these areas depend heavily on software development. In fact, research presented by Oxford University showed that Software Development and I.T. was the only industrial area to show a growth in demand, pretty much from the beginning of lock-down.

    Vulnerable people still need caring for during pandemics, (and many have increased dependency), so demand for care-workers should be sustained or even grow during a pandemic.

    Logistics was another. Enabling provision of food, water, energy and essential services/supplies have proved crucial during the pandemic, particularly during its early stages. There has been a critical need for efficient logistics to keep these essential supply chains going. Amazon, Tesco and The Royal Mail are just a few of the vital services that kept society going. All rely extensively on logistics to get their products to our doorsteps. Also, demand for delivery drivers was growing even before the pandemic but surged during lockdown as e-commerce retailers expanded their delivery services to meet supply.

    Although not on this official list, there has also been a huge surge in demand for tutors/teachers to help parents with their home-schooling lessons with their children. Tutors can command good hourly rates with parents, providing online lessons, one-to-one or offering online learning seminars and classes for a fee.


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