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    The Future of Work and How to Thrive In It

    Nobody knows for sure what tomorrow’s post-Covid work environment will look like, but there are several very likely scenarios…

    • Economic Recession
    • Remote working will remain the norm for the foreseeable future
    • A move away from the traditional 9pm to 5 pm working hours
    • Increased Use of Automation and Robots
    • Reduction in jobs offering business travel or overseas assignments
    • Traditional in face to face meetings; being replaced with email, chat and video technology
    • Most business will be going through some form of digital transformation, with a growing demand for digital skills
    • Increased use of green and sustainable transport methods

    It is going to be a very turbulent time, but chaos is a ladder and young people (who tend to be hit hardest by economic slumps of this nature), need to become skilled climbers, able to exploit critical opportunities for both survival and success. I have outlined a few such opportunities below to help put you on the right path to career and personal success:

    • Develop digital competencies or start offering digital services in light of the increased demand for those digital skills. The world is your oyster so start applying for remote jobs throughout the UK and the world (on sites like Flexjobs,, Werk and so on), as demand for remote workers will only grow.
    • Practice and be ready to perform well in video interviews and conference as digital communication will be crucial to future success.
    • Develop a home-office or work-station so you can work efficiently at home in a remote capacity
    • Become an entrepreneur. For instance, Pop-up restaurants and food stands may be in vogue as established high-street hospitality brands go into administration. Another example could be something influenced by Social distancing, or other new policy; the government is now more actively supporting a move to green transport and this has led to soaring bike sales, making a cycle shop or bike repair service a perfect start-up opportunity.

    The working world is going through a period of transformation. Going forwards the qualities of agility and adaptability will be key to you getting a job and realizing your ambitions.

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