Articles by Susannah O'Brien

I am currently working for a Pupil Referral Unit in the south, having previously taught in comprehensives in Oxford and London. My particular interests are History and (English) Literature, but as a mum of two small boys I am also increasingly interested in debates surrounding primary education in general and parenting in particular.


Approaching Poetry in your English Literature GCSE Exam: Section C: Unseen Poems

The unseen poems come at the end of a long, complicated examination paper, so it is crucial that you have your timings all worked out before the exam.

Approaching Poetry in your English Literature GCSE exam: Section B: Comparing Poems

Preparation is key! It is absolutely vital that you are comfortable and familiar with all the poems.

Desks in Exam Room

How is Poetry examined in the AQA English Literature GCSE?

Students are not allowed a copy of the Anthology in the exam, a change from previous years.

write on!

6 Creative Writing Ideas to try Today

Whether you’ve “hit a block” or are putting pen to paper for the first time, any of these tips should prove useful.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men No More

Leaving aside the political and social ramifications of imposing an entirely “British” syllabus, many teachers are particularly upset at the loss of Steinbeck’s classic.

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