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    Book Recommendation For New Year #1

    Recommendation for 14+

    New year, new me, right? It’s that terrible month of the year where it’s cold, miserable and there’s nothing to do. We’ve all overindulged over Christmas, and now there’s nothing to look forward to but exams and revision and exams.

    So how about instead of recommending some wonderful piece of escapism, we take a look at something practical instead? It’s the month of new starts and resolutions, so here is a book that is going to help you with the skills you need beyond those exams.

    A Teen’s Guide To Life Skills

    There are a lot of things that school doesn’t teach you. Ask any adult in your life and they’ll be sure to tell you that there are plenty of things that they wished they’d known when they were your age (and probably still don’t fully understand now!). Luckily, there are a fair few books out there to give you the heads up on these things. A Teen’s Guide to Life Skills by Teen Thrive is a great place to start. Published last year, it’s one of the most up-to-date resources available to you to get a head start on the mystery of being an adult.

    While not written specifically for UK teens, funnily enough, the act of growing up is a universal experience, and there’s plenty here that applies to anyone and everyone wondering just what they’re supposed to do to survive in the wider world. Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. Or the topic may be a bit embarrassing to talk about. With this guide, there is no asking, no embarrassment, just information to help you.

    It’s a great companion, conversational in its advice as it teaches you how to take care of yourself, take care of your home and take care of business too. A Teen’s Guide comes across more as a helpful friend as opposed to patronising parent.
    It’s got helpful information on all sorts, like:

    • Self-care
      Mental health
      Healthy eating and meal preparation
      Higher Education
      Money and bills
      Social skills
      Car maintenance

    There’s A Lot More To This Book

    It’s packed with more than just information. There are worksheets, plans, timetables and more to help you manage your time, tasks and tidying. It even comes with a printable workbook as a companion too, allowing you to apply the skills it’s teaching you at your own pace. This could also be a great resource for any neurodivergent teen to transition into adulthood as well. This book has answers to questions that may never have even occurred to them, or provide further insight into a subject that neurotypicals find trivial.

    So, a bit of a hefty book, then, at around 300 pages – but don’t be put off! There’s no rush and no ticking clock to becoming an adult, it’s a process that takes a long time. Think of it as something to dip into when you’ve got a question instead of another book to read. And at no point does it nag at you, either.

    If none of this takes your fancy, fear not, I have a few more suggestions here.


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