The growth of Home Schooling in England

Home Education in England has increased by 361% in the last ten years

Following on from our previous study looking into the growth of home education in London, we decided to look at the growth of home education across the whole of England. The research, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, found there to be a 361% increase in the number of children home educated in England over the last ten years.

Take a look at our data visualisation to see the growth of home education in England over the last ten years!

Growth of home Schooling in England

Top ten councils which have seen the biggest increases in home education over the last ten years:

  1. Southampton City Council (2,327%)
  2. Hertfordshire County Council (1,846%)
  3. Liverpool City Council (1,507%)
  4. Northamptonshire County Council (1,172%)
  5. Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (1,023%)
  6. Kent County Council (793%)
  7. London Borough of Newham (636%)
  8. London Borough of Hackney (600%)
  9. North East Lincolnshire Council (539%)
  10. North Tyneside Council (456%)

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