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    Escape With A Good Book This Easter

    At this time of year, when the sun seems to shine for longer, there’s nothing like a gripping read to get you through the weekend, or to keep you company on holiday. With summer just around the corner, you may already be thinking about what to pack in your case. Hopefully, at least one book will be on your list. Sometimes, it can be tricky to know what to pack, so read on to find out what my top escapist reads are…

    The House on the Edge: Alex Cotter

    Here, you have the perfect ingredients of a gripping thriller: a missing dad; a house perched on the edge of a cliff, teetering as if it’s about to fall into the sea below; some ghosts in the basement. This is a great read for those of you who want to get lost in a mystery – and it’s one for a plane ride or lounging around on a sunny beach (but check there isn’t a house on the cliff edge above you!)

    One of Us Is Lying: Karen McManus

    High school dramas are never too far away from our everyday lives. In Karen McManus’ debut novel, you’ll be part of Bayview High’s detention – where five turn up but only four leave alive. Perhaps not one if you’ve missed your homework deadline, yet again, but certainly a great read to help you get away to a place that, thankfully, is in our imaginations and far from real life – hopefully.

    The Inheritance Games: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

    If family sagas are more up your street, coupled with a complex mystery about a strange inheritance, join Avery Grambs on her journey. Why has she inherited so much money? Who’s on her side, and who is her enemy? The Inheritance Games is the first in a trilogy (the second is called The Hawthorne Legacy) and is certainly recommended for lounging by the pool or taking up a mountain on a hike – whatever floats your boat!

    The Hazel Wood: Melissa Albert

    If creepy fairy-tale settings are more your thing, I’d recommend Melissa Albert’s Hazel Wood series. This is the first book in the series and follows Alice and her mother on a journey – and one that dabbles with the supernatural, as well as mother-daughter relationships. The Hazel Wood is fantastical and real in equal measure – so there’s something for all readers.

    You may have your own escapist reads. But if you do find yourself stuck for something gripping, you won’t be disappointed with any of my suggestions. Take a trip to your local book shop or library, or if downloading is more your thing, make sure you’ve got something on your phone, or preferred reading device. Enjoy!

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