English Literature GCSE (AQA): Special Arrangements for 2022Exams


Because of the Covid pandemic and lengthy school closures, there will be special arrangements for the AQA examinations in Summer 2021 (only). In simple terms, you may study one fewer module for those exams. In the exams, you will choose which two of the following three options to answer questions on:

  • Code M – the modern drama (An Inspector Calls
  • Code N- the novel (Frankenstein)
  • Code P – the poetry anthology.

Tou will need to provide the code choices when you make your exam entry. 

The other two elements (Shakespeare and Unseen Poetry) remain compulsory.  You are advised to check the AQA website to be clear on any further developments in these uncertain times.

Students of this course may study any two of the optional modules, or indeed all of them. Omitting one module may give you more time to work on the other four. Please consider your options carefully and discuss them with your tutor.                         

There are no planned changes to the style and format of the 2021 exam questions and assessment criteria. This means students will be asked to complete the same task types and display the same skills as usual.