If you are over the age of 16 and an Oxford Home Schooling student, you may now buy an NUS Totum card for 1,2 or 3 years for £12, £22, or £32 respectively.

You will be able to get great discounts at over 200 outlets. Some examples are shown below:

  • up to 54% off at Thorpe Park
  • 25% off Student Tickets at the Odeon
  • 50% off Spotify Premium
  • up to 50% off Microsoft Products

To view everywhere your Totum Card will work for you, see here.

To apply for a card, just hop over to NUS extra and go through the automated procedure.  Your place of study will be listed on the NUS website as Oxford Open Learning Trust Ltd

You can view the NUS Frequently Asked Questions here.

The NUS extra card is a separately run, not for profit, organisation. The Oxford Open Learning Trust does not have a financial relationship of any sort with NUS extra and if you decide to purchase a card then your contract is with NUS extra.