Why should a home schooler choose an IGCSE French course rather than study for a GCSE in French?

The government’s new controlled assessment requirements for GCSE French make the subject more or less impossible for home educators. All GCSE candidates must prepare their coursework in strictly supervised conditions of controlled assessment. Unless you are studying in a school classroom, say, it is not feasible to satisfy the new requirements. Beware of anyone who tells you that it is still possible to sit GCSE French exams as a private candidate. It isn’t.

IGCSE French offers the perfect alternative. It has two main advantages: no coursework is required, and it is, academically, a little more rigorous than GCSE. So it carries more weight with universities and employers and it puts you in a better position to progress to A level French, if you wish to.

Distance Learning French IGCSE

Oxford Home Schooling now offers an IGCSE French course. For full details, please click here.

The Syllabus

The new French IGCSE course is designed to match the Edexcel 4FR0 specification, for examinations in June 2014 and later years.


IGCSE French does not require coursework.

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