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KS3 Information Technology (IT)

The new Oxford Home Schooling Key Stage 3 Information Technology (IT) course  is designed to match the National Curriculum for Year 7 in ICT.  As well as the more “academic” topics, it will include a wealth of topics to enable students to use their PC more effectively in educational and other contexts.

There are five modules in the Year 7 course:

  • Computer Basics
  • The Web
  • Email
  • Open Office
  • File Management

The five modules are divided into 21 lessons, full of activities and short tests.  There are also eight assignments designed to measure the student’s progress at different stages.  Every new term is carefully explained and there is a full Glossary so that the language of computing can be thoroughly mastered.

The course proceeds from first principles and takes no prior knowledge for granted, so whilst students with some experience of computing may find certain lessons very straightforward, we hope that there is something here for everyone.

The course matches the government’s (KS3) requirements for Year 7 but the emphasis throughout is on practical skills and the pleasure of using a computer.  There is also a stress on safety and security so that students can establish good working habits right from the beginning.

Each student will need to be able to use a Windows-based computer with a CD-player and a suitable internet connection. There is no requirement to buy any additional software.  As well as the printed course materials, the course is supplied with a CD-ROM containing other files and folders that will be needed for effective study.

The course also includes a Parents’ Guide designed to enable parents to offer the right kind of support, mark activities, etc.