Oxford Home Schooling and Twig

A number of Oxford Home Schooling’s courses contain, as a bonus feature, a spectacular array of educational films, all produced by a partner company called Twig.

There are more than a thousand Twig films, covering almost every required topic in Mathematics, Geography and across the Science curriculum. These short films are produced to the highest standard and enhance the learning experience greatly.

The Oxford Home Schooling courses which are enriched by Twig include extensive links to appropriate films (and other supporting material), lesson by lesson. The student hops from the course materials to the films and back again.

To access the films, students need a password, supplied at enrolment. Students also need internet access to benefit from this resource which is offered as a “free” extra to students on the relevant courses.

Conditions of supply

The Oxford Open Learning Trust has formed relationships with some third-party publishers such as Hodder, Twig-world and MarkIt!! to provide our students with bonus online materials for no additional charge.

The Oxford Open Learning Trust does not assert any copyright on any of these online materials.

In all cases, our courses are designed to stand alone and the added online materials are to be treated as opportunities for extension study.

In the case of any of these online materials becoming unavailable due to reasons beyond the control of the Oxford Open Learning Trust, Students will not be offered a refund of course fees.