The Origins and Effects of Tropical Storm Harvey

The social impact on an area hit by a tropical storm can often be major and long term.

A Brief History of the British Summer Holiday

It was with the dedicated opening of a resort at Brighton, under the patronage of King George IV, that the seaside stopped being a place just to improve health but also a destination to escape daily worries and enjoy a holiday.


Do the Media Report our Exams Correctly?

The differences between boys and girls grades can depend on so many different factors that stating that boys are cleverer than girls this year, or vice versa, is a bold statement.

The Beginnings and Legacy of The Cold War

Although it is called The Cold War, no direct warfare took place between America and the USSR. However, they did fight each other in proxy wars, such as in Korea and Vietnam.

What makes a favourite teacher?

A good teacher is someone you’ll remember forever.

What is Cyberpunk?

Part of William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy, Neuromancer is considered one of the first cyberpunk novels and a prime example of the genre, yet many authors came before him.

Places to see: Cadwr – Caernarfon Castle

Built to stamp Edward I’s power over the region, Caernarfon Castle’s appearance was designed to intimidate the locals into accepting English rule

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