How to Boost Your Motivation

This article will help you develop skills of self-motivation.

distance learning

The Myths of Distance Learning

Distance learning is one of the most exciting developments in our age. My first real encounter with distance learning took place in 2013. I embarked on a four-year academic course which altered my future beyond what I could have imagined. Since completing my course I have developed a thirst for knowledge and discovered new strengths. […]

Psychological Medicine

The Impact of World War One on Psychological Medicine

A few months ago I wrote an article about the impact of the First World War on medical treatments for bodily injuries, diseases and infections such as those from burns and Typhoid fever. However, this told only half the story. As I cover here, the harm caused by the Great War was as much mental […]

Foreign Languages

Preparing your Child for Foreign Language Oral Exams

The good news is that there are many interactive tools available to support your child in learning to speak a new language.


Parliament In need of Protection

Last year, the MPs of Britain voted in favour of a multibillion-pound programme of repairs to the iconic Houses of Parliament; to start in the mid-2020’s. The Houses of Parliament, or the Palace of Westminster to give it the official title, has stood in varies guises on its site in London since the early Middle […]

Notre Dame

The History and Tragedy of Notre Dame

This is not the first time that Notre-Dame Cathedral suffered damage. Poorly treated throughout the French Revolution, it was only saved from destruction when the Emperor Napoleon decided he wished to be crowned there in 1804.

Exams Debate: English GCSEs

Exams Debate: Is it right for English GCSE’s to be Closed Book?

At present, GCSE English Literature exams does not allow students to take their textbooks in with them. The AQA exam board requires them to have learned the following:• A Shakespearean play• A 19th century novel• A modern text• 15 poems belonging to the anthology of Power & Conflict or Love & Relationships That’s 18 texts […]

Learning a Language Online

Foreign Language Study: Is the Future Online?

The popularity of foreign language study at GCSE level in the UK appears to be on the decline. In 2002, around three quarters of pupils studied a language other than English as part of their GCSE qualifications. Two years later, the government stopped making languages compulsory at GCSE level, and by 2011, participation had fallen […]

The English Dictionary

The Future of the Dictionary

On the 15th April 1755, Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language was published for the first time. His book, which he complied with the help of six assistants, took eight years to compile. Listing 40,000 words, each of which was defined in detail, it was the most comprehensive to date. Johnson was accused of […]

Holograms and Robotics

Beam me Up, Teacher! Could Holograms and Robotics be the future of Online Learning?

does the use of holograms in teaching provide the same authentic feel of having a lecturer or teacher physically present in the lecture hall or classroom?

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